Right in the wondrous Vallebygden

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Fredriksons Pensionat Sjöbacka has become Fredriksons Vilt, Vin & Pensionat

Welcome to our new website! We are into our tenth year with this establishment and now we want to focus our attention a little bit more on the restaurant. With provisions from the forest, lakes, our own garden and from food producers around Skaraborg.

On September 17 we reopened with the premiere of a 5 course tasting menu. Now we release booking dates for this winter's menu.

Like before, you are able to book a table in our restaurant for a 3 course dinner, or book an overnight stay in one of our tastefully decorated double rooms.

Wild & Wine

We're focusing on our restaurant

We have released booking dates for this winter's five course tasting menu.


Proximity to nature's idyll with a constant focus on sustainability

We are affiliated with Västsveriges Hållbarhetskliv (West Sweden's joint initiative for a sustainable tourism industry) and generally strive for improving our sustainability work. That means, for example, carefully selecting environmentally friendly produce/groceries, cleaning supplies and how we economize them.

Our food is prepared with care and with well-selected products. Vegetables, crops, onions, fruits, herbs and berries from our own garden. Wild foods, mushrooms and wild berries from surrounding forests. We buy fish from local fishermen who use hooks. Honey, pork and lamb are bought from local producers. Dairy products, coffee and tea are all part of our ecological focus with every purchase.

We also focus hard on being smart with the food we cook, as to prevent as much waste as possible. The earth we get from our compost is used in the garden and our greenhouse. We recycle close to everything.

Cleaning is made with environmentally friendly products. All consumables like toilet paper bear environmental certification.

Finally, all activities that we provide are in close proximity to nature and there is no need for engines or electricity to go on a hike, take a bicycle ride, a swim or just enjoy the birds singing.

Visit Västsveriges Hållbarhetskliv