The Restaurant

We live in a fantastic pantry, right in the middle of Skaraborg between the lakes Vänern and Vättern, and we want to utilize that pantry as much as we possibly can. The ingredients we use are carefully handpicked. Wild foods, mushrooms and wild berries from surrounding forests. Vegetables, crops, onions, fruits, herbs and berries from our own garden. Fish from Vänern and Vättern. Potatoes, honey, pork and lamb from local producers. With all this, we create our beloved five and three course menus.

Enjoy a dinner with us and sleep well in on of our tastefully decorated double rooms.

5 course menu

Price: 750 SEK per person
Excluding wine pairing and non-alcoholic beverage menu.

Bookable dates for the 5 course menu in January and February 2023:

8 jan 11 jan 22 jan 25 jan 28 jan 8 feb 11 feb 14 feb 24 feb

  • Vendace roe & sweet potatoes

  • Root & Pine

  • Bass & Sea buckthorn

  • Dove & Elderflower

  • Ingrid Marie & Lingonberries

3 course menu

Price: 525 SEK per person
Excluding wine pairing and non-alcoholic beverage menu.

  • FillIostus

    Potatoes, honey

  • Wild steak

    Blackcurrants, celery

  • Raspberry

    Blueberries, oats

Please feel free to contact Margaretha for any menu inquiries and booking on +46(0)73-182 79 96 or email

Our Restaurang

We have put some recent effort into our restauant and made the interior on our glass porch to a more rustic design than before to match it better with inspiration from nature's own palette. We can now accommodate seats for twelve persons.

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